VNA LogoVISION: To be a self-sustaining umbrella organization that supports and elevates local Vue family chapters in the areas of cultural preservation, leadership, education, and economic advancement.

MISSION: Vue National Association is a family lead organization that is committedcto unity through resource and leadership development that educates, empowers, and recognizes the successes of Vue families nationally.

Vue National Association (formally known as Vue Family) evolved from Fresno California when the Hmong settle in the United States in the early 1980’s. With little knowledge, education and the introduction to the western world, the organization arise to secured the Vue family as an insurance to fill the gap of funeral cost. As society changes, demand also changes along with further ideas.

Later, Vue family was restructured and incorporated as a legal entity 501c (3) nonprofit organization. Bylaws were written, exemptions were filed and VNA were recognized throughout. Ever since then VNA has been serving our family in many events such as meetings, workshops, fundraising, reunions and other beneficial activities.

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