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    Vue National Association's dedication to supporting Hmong Vue families and preserving culture is invaluable. Providing family services, community support, and prioritizing education across socio-economic levels

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    "We will strive to improve in communications within our clan and the communities. We will conduct a study, survey and gather data to measure success in our children’s education. We will offer scholarship programs to our graduates as well as mentorship. We will establish an economic support system to build an incentives program to promote our businesses and family members. Most important of all, we will develop a uniform cultural practice system to our Traditional and Christian believers by providing better information and resources. Also, we will build a model to eliminate the gaps among Youths, Parents, Hmong Traditional, and Christianity practices"
    Norm Vue,
    VNA President

    Our Program


    Providing resources, organizing workshops, advocating for educational policies, and fostering partnerships with schools and educational institutions.


    Organizes events, workshops, and activities that celebrate Hmong traditions, language, arts, and customs


    Creating opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, and community engagement among young people


    Managing and optimizing digital infrastructure, systems, and platforms to enhance communication, collaboration, and efficiency within the organization


    Our mission

    The mission of Vue National Association, Inc. is to improve the quality of life and to enhance the growth and development of its members through education, economic and social development, and cultural/family values..

    To be a self-sustaining umbrella organization that supports and elevates local Vue family chapters
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    Helping family grow, learn, and keep our special traditions alive. Together, weʼre like a strong tree with deep roots!
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